You know your products. We know technology. We can help you not only by providing turn-key quality prototypes, but also with production testing, functional testing, software control, and complete 100% tested sub-assemblies. We can also help evaluate your products against certain industry certification requirements. We can even design to MIL-STD specifications! We take pride in giving our customers a comprehensive set of engineering services, so that you can be confident your product is completely market ready.

Hi Tech Sub-Assemblies

Dave Engineering builds hi tech airlock subassemblies for military products. Just One of our Hi Tech Subassemblies: An Airlock Subassembly for Military Products


Hardware & Software Management

Dave Engineering was originally founded in 2002 as a software consulting firm targeting automation and embedded control programming needs nationwide. Since then, we have broadened our portfolio from automation and embedded control to cover cloud and mobile development, strengthened our focus on hardware and embedded software, and expanded into many new cutting edge technologies. We have electronics experts on staff, and many of our professionals are trained as electrical or mechanical engineers. We thus have the expertise to design and manage all of the hardware and software components that will comprise your product. Please contact us for any of your hardware or software needs!


100% Functional Testing

We design and build functional testers and offer functional testing as a service to our clients. An example of our functional testing


Pre-Certification Evaluations

Dave Engineering designs their solutions to meet industry certifications for electronics. We can help verify that your products meet these standards and are ready to pass certifications. Many of these certifications involve evaluation of electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference in circuits and products. High levels of EMI or RFI can interfere with a circuit, limiting its performance and leading to undesired behavior in the circuit. Our evaluation can not only ensure that the design is up to industry standards, but can also ensure that the hardware components designed for your product are consistent, stable, and reliable. The picture below shows a test  to indicate whether a particular electronic device meets the requirements for MIL-STD-461 certification. The red line on top of the graph indicates the maximum allowable radiated EMI rating for various frequencies, and, as you can see, our electronic device remained under this threshold and met the certification requirement. Some of the industry certifications we can design to meet include:

  • UL: Underwriters’ Laboratories certification provides safety-related inspection, testing, and validation
  • CE: A mandatory safety and standards certification for certain products sold in the European Economic Area
  • FCC: The Federal Communications Commission dictates that products with radio communication sold in the US must remain under certain electromagnetic interference limits
  • MIL-STD-461: A US Military standard for testing electromagnetic interference

MIL461 Test: Radiated EMI vs Frequency