We’re an engineering firm that offers a comprehensive set of design services Cheap Jerseys for your company. We have extensive experience with embedded software and hardware design, power electronics, ¬†printed circuit board layout, professional prototyping services, and more. In each product design we follow a turn-key philosophy in that all of our solutions for our customers are designed to be ready for the customer to use when they leave our lab. We help startups through fortune 500 companies design new, exciting products. Our firm can get you to market quickly with the correct technology to differentiate your business and help you realize your strategic vision in your market. Contact Dave Engineering to help you with your product design today!


TURN-KEY Product Design

Our customers value our emphasis on TURN-KEY product design. All completed products are designed to be robust and ready for the customer to use, with little front-end set-up time on their end. When we offer our product design services to our clients, we want to ensure that they will get the complete results. Our professionals at Dave Engineering will make your product design as easy as buying your idea straight off the shelf!


Professional Prototyping

Customers often come to Dave Engineering with nothing but an idea or a very simple sketch. The professionals at Dave Engineering will work with you to bring your idea to life. Our engineering staff works tirelessly to ensure that each prototype is built to the exact specifications given by our clients. Many companies have already used our firm to make their ideas into a real, usable product, and you could be the next! The Engineering Firm for the Job: Professional Product Design

Embedded Software and Hardware Design

We provide both embedded software and hardware design services based around a variety of microcontrollers. We are a Microchip Technology design partner, and we have experience with chips from most major manufacturers. We have written embedded software for many industry standard protocols such as CAN bus and serial, as well as many others. We are happy to work with your company to discuss your project needs and find a solution for your unique product design.Click here to see more of our embedded software and hardware design services. The Engineering Firm for the Job: Embedded Software and Hardware Design


PCB Layout

Our engineering firm offers advanced PCB design & artwork services. We specialize in power systems, motor control, EMI/RFI, both analog & digital systems, high speed, and radio frequency. We do commercial, industrial, and military work, and are sensitive to the costs of each.Click here to see more about our PCB layout services. The Engineering Firm for the Job: Printed Circuit Board Layout