Commercial, Industrial, Military

At Dave Engineering we work in several major industries. Our design work includes projects for commercial companies ranging from local start-ups all the way to Fortune 500 groups. We have experience in factory and industrial PLC automation, and have done contractor work for the U.S. military.

If you have a design need, our team can help you bring your project to completion.

Air-lock control for military products


Microsoft VB.NET

We have extensive experience creating user interfaces with the Microsoft .NET framework.

In the past our user interfaces have worked with TCP/IP communication, CAN bus, encryption, and most other technologies we work with. If your project needs input from a desktop computer, we can create an interface for it!

An example of functional testing


Android & iOS Apps

At Dave Engineering we have the capability to create fully featured mobile applications for both Android and iOS. These applications can be used to control our Modulo Controls systems via a Blue or WiFighter motherboard, or any other integrated system we create.

Shown at the right is a screenshot of a control application that we created for an adjustable bed system. With the cloud potential of WiFighter, this is only the tip of the iceberg of what our mobile applications are capable of. You can check out the P Series Bed Control app by downloading it from the Google Play store below.

Get it on Google Play

An Android application that controls a hospital bed via Bluetooth


MIL461 Compliant Solutions

Dave Engineering has worked on several solutions for the military, and is fully equipped to produce products to MIL-STD-461 specifications. You can see a motor control board we designed for US Navy nuclear submarine cooling systems to the right, or see more of our military solutions by clicking here. A motor control board designed for US Navy nuclear submarine cooling systems


Power Supplies

With 30 years experience in power electronics design, we offer several solutions for power supplies. They cover both AC and DC power, standard power supplies, uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), inverters, battery chargers, and more.

You can see about our power supplies on our Power Solutions page.

Uninterrupted DC Power Supply


Motor Control

We have over 30 years of extensive motor control experience. We’ve developed motor control solutions for many different motor topologies using many different control techniques with up to 3kW electric motors. Our motor control systems have been used in commercial BLDC & ACI HVAC controllers, industrial pump drive controllers, electric scooter motor controllers, military nuclear reactor air cooling controllers, and many more.

Click here to see more about our motor control systems.

A Motor Control Solution


Custom Magnetics

With over 30 years of power electronics design experience we have designed many custom power inductors and transformers. We have the capabilities in house to prototype most magnetics designs and sources for full scale production. A Custom Magnetic Solution



At Dave Engineering we have the knowledge to incorporate WiFi into a product to suit any of your needs. We have worked extensively with 2.4 & 5Ghz WiFi, as well as distributed mesh networking with Zigbee or Microchip’s MiWi specifications.

If you have a need for WiFi in your project, we can help! Contact us today, or see our WiFighter Modulo Controls system.

A Wifi Solution


Bluetooth & Bluetooth Low Energy

Dave Engineering has worked extensively in Bluetooth systems. Shown at right is a system we designed that uses Bluetooth voice recognition to allow control of hospital bed positions. We have also used Bluetooth in the development of our Modulo Blue motherboard to allow Bluetooth control of any connected Modulo IO board. Our Android and iOS applications have been used to control Bluetooth systems we’ve designed.

Our expertise allows us to incorporate Bluetooth into your projects to suit your needs.

Voice Actuated Bluetooth System


CANbus, CANOpen, J1939

Controller Area Network, or CANbus, is a decentralized standard for communication between networked devices without the need for a host computer or processor. Each node can send & receive data to any other node. CAN was originally used in the automotive industry, but expanded into a number of other standards used in most industries including CANOpen and J1939.

We hold multiple patents using CANbus technology in furniture, restaurant equipment, home automation, and lawn and garden. CANbus is used in many of our products, including an internal CAN system for our DC submersible UPS and CAN systems for many custom projects for clients.

A CAN node


M2M Cloud Integration

At Dave Engineering we have the expertise to tie your embedded technologies to the cloud. Our knowledge of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud technology, along with our embedded hardware allows us to take data from our systems and make it available over the internet for display and control.

Below is a small demonstration of these capabilities. The graph shows a potential combination of one of our control systems transmitting a Celcius temperature to an AWS server, which would then have a web interface available to the end user.

Zigbee & MiWi Mesh Networks

Our team has worked with both Zigbee and Microchip MiWi standards for wireless mesh networking and low power wireless communication. We also hold multiple patents on Zigbee based technology. Depiction of a Zigbee Mesh Network