Our Modulo IO boards provide input and output for our Modulo Control motherboards. These MIO boards can be connected to any Modulo Control motherboard, and each offers a different solution for communication with other hardware.


  • 2-Axis Bi-Directional Motor Controller with Position Feedback
  • CAN Bus
  • Zigbee 2.4Ghz Mesh Network
  • 28VDC Power
MIO-MCZ: A Modulo IO Board



  • PIC32 microcontroller programmable for your application. The Modulo Control motherboard becomes an optional add-on, this is your process controller.
  • Ethernet
  • USB Host
  • RS232
MIO-ME: A Modulo IO Board that is coming soon



  • 16 discrete inputs
  • 16 discrete outputs
  • 8 analog inputs
MIO-16: A Modulo IO Board that is coming soon



We are happy to discuss what you need in a MIO board to create a Modulo solution for your project, whatever it may be. With our custom MIO boards, the possibilities of the Modulo Controls system are endless.