Our GUI starter kits allow you to use a proven system to start your own projects. Available in 5.7” with 320×240 resolution, or up 7” with 800×480 resolution, the kits feature 18/24 bit TFT LCD resistive touch screens. Through our adapter boards, they can be used with LCDs from nearly any manufacturer. The boards run our own bitmap graphics library, and support USB host mode to make in-field upgrades and USB thumb drive event logging easy. By purchasing a license for this kit you receive a complete design package licensed exclusively to you for your specific industry use. Hurry before your competition beats you to it!


  • Microchip’s Graphic Library
  • Our custom Bitmap Graphics Library
  • SSD1963 TFT LCD Controller
  • 5.7” QVGA or 7” VGA display
  • Adaptor boards for all major LCD manufacturers
  • Modular code with page templates
One of our LCD Touch Solutions

This kit is meant for an OEM that requires an attractive, easy to use operator interface with the ability to have control and feedback using the main controller. The kit is meant for those who need a quality interface, but not streaming video or other advanced features of a WinCE type platform. It fits into a slot for an OEM whose price point and technical requirements are beyond that of a standard character display, but can’t use WinCE, ARM, or DSP-based Linux platforms because of cost or other factors.

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