We realize that engineers are busy. It is impossible to keep up with all the latest technologies, especially with supporting production. A kick start kit is a great way to get a jump in product development. This is more than a reference design. This is complete production level documentation ready for your engineers to customize, or we can help with that too. Our GUI design kit will thus save your company hours in product development and help expedite your product’s arrival on the market.

LCD Touch Solutions

    Features & Specifications:

  • Microchip’s Graphic Library
  • Our custom Bitmap Graphics Library
  • SSD1963 TFT LCD Controller
  • 5.7” QVGA or 7” VGA display
  • Adaptor boards for all major LCD manufacturers
  • Modular code with page templates

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An LCD Touch Solutions!


Power Solutions

With 30 years experience in power electronics design, we offer several solutions for power supplies. They cover both AC and DC power, standard power supplies, uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), inverters, battery chargers, and more.

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One of our power solutions: a 3 kW inverter


DE-ISP Programming Adapters

Our DE-ISP programming adapters provide you with a solution for your crowded boards. They are compatible with all REAL ICE, ICDs, and PICKITs.

The DE-ISP offers standard Microchip RJ11 to a keyed .05″ target header, and the DE-ISP+ offers standard Microchip RJ11 to keyed .05″ target header and interface to MPLAB REAL ICE Isolator for full isolation.

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